STILL THERE (2021-2022)

Still there, arose after a diffuse period of uncertainty and confusion that dominated the past few years both on a personal, and on a global level. After the storm subsided, I return to the island of my childhood. It is nature that has a healing effect. The enormous trees are still standing, the sunlight elongates their shadows more than ever and it feels like a warm embrace. Slowly but surely the focus returns. Shadow and light, sharp and out of focus and in constant flux, unveil hidden details on textures of sand, soil, metal and marble. By capturing these elements, they form concerted layered images, which inspire us to reflect. Later, while travelling in Africa, I am overwhelmed by the same beauty that once again lies literally at my feet.

when beauty comes your way
stand still and admire


The series Hidden Histories is the sequel to Stereo Stories. The variety of items offered for sale at flea markets in Paris are the focus of this series. Once cherished, now discarded and without sender. By combining them with another image I give them a new future and encourage the viewer to create their own stories.

STEREO STORIES (2016-2017)

The starting point of every diptych is more than reconciling two images. It’s in finding a previously imperceptible connection between them. Every picture tells a story in a unique location.  But what if a link is forged between photos? If somewhere in Paris “meets” a place in New York? By combining the stories behind two ostensibly stand-alone images you can suddenly change the context and create a new reality.